Tonight on Proper Propaganda, new tracks from The Bad Seed, Homeboy Sandman, and Lupe Fiasco, but first new from Leedz Entertainment feat. Murs, Blueprint, Screen Poems & the Arcitype with “No Surprise.”

“No Surprise”Leedz Edutainment feat. Murs, Blueprint, Sareen Poems & the Arcitype
“FA & FO”The Bad Seed
“Warfare”Amadeaus360 feat. Buckshot, Terminology & DJ Evil Dee
Interlude: BG Music: “CrackinBounce!!!”
“Golden Chakras”Apollo Brown & Planet Asia
“Johnny Dang”That Mexican OT with Paul Wall & DRODI
“Godspeed”Speaker Bullies feat. Skyzoo
“I Won’t Let You Down”Arrested Development
“Off the Rip”Homeboy Sandman
“CHANNEL No. 3”Lupe Fiasco
“From the 718”Pete Miser
“Wake Up”Missy Elliot feat. Jay Z
“Letter 2 My Unborn”2Pac
“Hater Players”Black Star
“People Get Ready”PE 2.0
“You’re the Man, Pts. 1 & 2”Marvin Gaye
“Keep it Locked”Pete Miser
“Stop the Violence”Boogie Down Productions