Tonight, on Proper Propaganda: new tracks from Lil Dee, McKinley Dixon, and Futuristiks, but first, in honor of our 8th anniversary, our title track from Dilated Peoples.

“Proper Propaganda”Dilated Peoples
“Run, Run, Run”McKinley Dixon
“Runnin Thru My Head”Lil Dee
“Immortal Mother”Metacaum feat. RZA, Jason Greenhart, Mark Bandstreet, Solomon Childs & Beretta 9
Interlude:BG Music: “BobbyOnSoul!!!” By 9th Wonder
“If We Were Soldiers”Sunspot Jonz & A-Plus feat. The Grouch
“Real is Back”Futuristiks: Mike & Keys & Casey Veggies feat. DJ Khalil
“Life’s the Same”Grath & 38 Spesh
“From the 718”Pete Miser
“Shakily (JRH)[Vocal]”Poor Righteous Teachers
“Don’t Feel Right”The Roots
“Just That Bad”Molemen & Percee P
“The Recipe”Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre
“Brothers Gonna Work It Out”Willie Hutch
“Keep it Locked”Pete Miser
“Radio Free Brooklyn”Pete Miser