Tonight on Proper Propaganda: an Impeachment Party Special, featuring tracks from Rey Jama, Sinata Royale, and Ty Law, but first, The Revolutionary Esebio the Automatic with, “Impeach the President.”

“Impeach the President”The Revolutionary Eseibio the Automatic
“Impeachment”Rey Jama
“Impeach the Prez”Sinatra Royale
“Impeach the President”The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble feat. Kelly Finnigan
Interlude: Stephen Colbert BG Music: “Impeach” by Simon Harris
“Impeach the President”Suspens
“Impeach Donald Trump (No Good Klan Member)”Ty Law
“Impeach”Remi H
“Impeach the President”King Peter John
“From the 718”Pete Miser
“Eric B. is President”Eric B & Rakim
“My President is Black (Remix)”Jay-Z
Interlude: SNL
“Arrest the President”Ransom
“Have and Have Nots”DJ Einstein & Soup
“U.S. Blues”Grateful Dead
“Keep it Locked”Pete Miser
“Arrest the President”Ice Cube