Welcome to Potluck Dinner. I’m your host this evening, Ennis da Mennis, I host Proper Propaganda here on Radio Free Brooklyn. Tonight I’ll be playing songs from my favorite TV show, “Godfather of Harlem,” whose soundtrack is produced by Swizz Beatz. We’ll be hearing from Rick Ross, Nick Grant, Freddie Gibbs, Cordae and more. 

“Watermelon Man”Herbie Hancock
“Just in Case”Swizz Beatz feat. Rick Ross & DMX
“Rise”Samm Henshaw
“We Want Justice Dammit!”Swizz Beatz, Freddie Gibbs & Shoota93
“Call Me Human”Skip Marley & French Montana
“No Bark When I Bite”Rick Ross & Cruel Youth 
“Shit Don’t Feel Right”Buddy
“Hustle, Repeat”Swizz Beatz & Jadakiss
“Been to War”Swizz BEatz & DMX & French Montana
“Forgot About the Streets”Melvoni, Badda TD & Brillo
“Against All Odds”Sean Cross
“Hallelujah”Buddy, A$AP Ferg & Wale
“Street Opera”SAINt JHN, Fivio Foreign & BIA
“Prince Hakeem”India Shawn & ADÉ
“No Favors”Lord Afrixana & DDG
“In These Streets”John Legend, Cordae & Nick Grant
“My People Are Free”Samm Henshaw