Ep. 107, “A Tale of Two Treaties”

Tonight, on Proper Propaganda: new tracks from David Banner, Killa Kyleon, Joey Badass, and Logic, but first, new from Snoop Dogg & KRS ONE, “Let Us Begin”

“Let Us Begin” Snoop Dogg feat. KRS ONE
“Elvis” David Banner
“Super Predator” Joey BadA$$ feat. Styles P
“Skin is My Sin” Killa Kyleon
Interlude: “The Simpsons” BG Music: “Motor City 19” by J Dilla
“Don’t Ever Stop” KRS ONE feat. Janiece
“Killing Spree” Logic feat. Ansel Elgort
“Language of Violence” Disposable Heroes of HipHoprisy
“O.G. Original Gangster” Ice-T
“Cheddar” W.C. feat. Ice Cube & Mack 10
“All I Need” Daz
“Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin’” The Whoriders
Interlude: “Strange Brew”
“The Internationale Pt. 1” The Get Down
“Latin Active” A Lighter Shade of Brown
“Peace Frog” The Doors
“Pass the Mic” The Beastie Boys