Ep. 58, “The Island of Dr. Moreweed”

New music from Ingrid, Mark Battles, GoldLink, Atmosphere, and The Game featuring J3 & Payso

“Support Compton” The Game feat. J3 & Payso
“Just Another Day” Mark Battles feat. Locksmith & King Kap
“New Black (Shagabond Remix)” GoldLink
“Change Things” INGRID feat. James Fauntleroy
Interlude: “Taking the Gloves Off” Stephen Colbert
“Ringo” Atmosphere
“Obama Song” Michael Franti & Spearhead
“Sharp Shooters” Dead Prez feat Talib Kweli
“Danger” Blahzay Blahzay
“Better Way” Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Interlude: “Jonah Ryan for Congress” BG Music: “Here I Am” DJ Babu
“Only God Can Judge Me” 2Pac
“Hot Spot” Foxy Brown
“If Looks Could Kill” Beyoncé & Mos Def
“Throw Your Hands Up” L.V. feat. Treach
“Smooth Criminal” Michael Jackson
“Summertime” DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince